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Our studio guarantees a swift response to any dental emergencies during office hours and an on-call service provides the peace of mind that out-of-hours emergencies can also be dealt with satisfactorily.
Our staff are more than happy to come in as quickly as possible not only to help patients unable to self-treat painful symptoms with over-the-counter painkillers but also to deal with any serious and sudden cosmetic emergencies or problems with chewing.


Dental microsurgery uses instruments, such as a piezoelectric scalpel, that are also employed in neuro, spinal and E.N.T. surgery, which means bone surgery is now much less radical and traumatic for patients and has fewer after effects than traditional surgery.
This scalpel can be used with great benefit for patients in extractions, the treatment of gum disease, implantations, and also in taking bone grafts for use in reconstructive and regenerative surgery.
Another tool used in microsurgery that must be mentioned is the surgical microscope. Classically used in surgery involving the tooth pulp and root, tooth preservation and dental prosthetics, it is also used to great advantage in other delicate operations.

All-on-four and all-on-six implants with complete rehabilitation

This is a modern technique that makes it possible to build a fixed prosthesis of 10-12 teeth supported on 4 implants inserted in the lower jaw where bone loss is often such that a fixed prosthesis would not otherwise be feasible.
Computer assisted transmucous implantology makes the procedure as safe and as minimally invasive as it can possibly be, and the reduced number of implants also reduces the overall cost of the surgery.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Today, dentistry is used as much for cosmetic as for functional reasons. Greater technical knowledge of the aesthetic principles of the face and mouth provides the basis on which a perfect smile can be reconstructed and that has a great impact on a person’s state of mind and social relationships.
A beautiful smile affects the way we all feel about ourselves and plays a fundamental role in inter-personal relationships.